Concluded Cases

Ahmed Jabbar Kareem Ali

The Inspector concluded in Part 1 of his  report  into the death of Mr Ahmed Ali that, having been detained by members of the British Forces in Iraq for looting, and while still in their custody, Mr Ali drowned in the Shatt al Basra canal on 8 May 2003.  The soldiers had forced Mr Ali into the water and failed to go to his assistance when he floundered, thereby causing his death.

Part 2 of the Inspector’s report will examine the wider circumstances surrounding Mr Ali’s death, including the cases any other Iraqis who allegedly died in similar circumstances. It will include consideration of the extent to which any practice of placing looters into water as a deterrent or punishment was known about and/or sanctioned by the military chain of command.   Part 2 of the report will be published on our reports page in due course.

Muhammad Abdul Ridha Salim

The report into the death of Mr Salim concluded that he died on as a result of being shot by a British soldier during a search and arrest operation on 6 November 2003 which had targeted the house of Mr Salim’s brother-in-law, Mohammed Zuboon, in response to false information provided to British Forces by a member of a tribe involved in a dispute with Mr Zuboon. The false information was to the effect that members of Mr Zuboon’s household were heavily armed and preparing an attack on a nearby British Army base, Camp Cherokee.   When the British Forces forced entry into the house, Mr Salim and Mr Zuboon’s nephew were armed in preparation for a second assault on their home by the rival tribe.  Mr Salim was shot by a soldier who fired in self-defence, believing Mr Salim to present athreat to the life of himself and his colleagues.   The full report can be accessed from the reports page of this site.

Nadheem Abdullah

The Inspector's report into the death of Mr Abdullah concluded that he died from a blow or blows to the left side of his head inflicted by one or more British soldiers on 11 May 2003.  The soldiers had stopped the vehicle he was travelling in after it had failed to stop at a vehicle checkpoint.  The full report can be read here.

Hassan Abbas Said

The Inspector found that Mr Said died as a result of a gunshot wound sustained on 2 August 2003 following a struggle in which two British soldiers were attempting to restrain him. During the struggle, one of the soldiers believed that Mr Said was attempting to lay hands on both his own rifle and his colleague's pistol, and he therefore shot at Mr Said.  The full report can be read here.