Public Statements

Progress Statement Number 1 dated 25 September 2017

25 Sep

Inspector released a statement in connection with the Investigation into the death of Tariq Sabri Mahmud which is available here.


Public Statement dated 1st July 2016

01 Jul

The Inspector released a public statement on 1st July 2016 regarding media contact with witnesses, which can be accessed here. 


Correspondence with Public Interest Lawyers since the Publication of the Report

01 Apr

The Inspector made a public statement dated 1st April 2016 regarding correspondence with PIL which can be downloaded here.


First Statement in Connection with an Investigation into the Death of Ahmed Jabbar Karim Ali

22 Jan

A public hearing in connection with an investigation into the death of Ahmed Jabbar Karim Ali took place on 22nd January 2016. The transcript can be downloaded here.




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